Dungeons & Dragons: Tahlgea (Village Green)

The Show Must Go On

On a warm and bright Shatter, a traveling Troupe of performers that go by the name “Flutes and Lutes” put on a show in a secluded glade near the hills of The Nook, which lies just outside the edge of the Greening. Travelers from all over Western Tahlgea came to see the show. Among these were six extraordinary individuals.

Jottun, a Dwarf who hails from the mountain mines within the Seat of Titans is A cleric under the Dwarven domain of War. He came to enjoy free Meade and barbecued hen.

Isla, a tinkering Gnome has come from an island known for its craftwork. Having lost her shop in a fire, she arrived to forget her troubles by enjoying the show.

Haraedel is a Wood Elf from the dark wood of Rivendare. A Sorcerer awakened in her youth, she thirsts for knowledge. She came to the show hoping to find a way to the Optica Spire.

Auralia, also hailing from Rivendare has left her home because of her disbelief in the Cult that raised her. She heard the far off melodies and comes bearing a dark secret.

Baern Mahogany is a Barbarian from the lands near Dominar. He can trace his lineage to the Dwarves, but is the only Human in this collection of adventurers. He carries an egg with art depicting the misery of humans in horrific detail.

Kronos Trigger is a spirited Halfling Rogue. Raising himself in the streets near the docks of Lordaerea, he has maritime dreams, when not attempting to relieve the wealthy of their spare change.

The performance began with the introduction and welcoming of the day of Shatter by Benjamin, a human Bard who leads the troupe. The adventurers were offered Meade and food during the performance. Acrobatic feats were followed by songs. Two teenagers, Bosh and Lynn, sang songs of a home far gone, and times long ago. Having had five tankards of Meade, Jottun fell asleep to the soothings sounds of the troupes music. Haraedel remained wary, making sure to keep a close eye on everyone in her vicinity. Isla entertained two human children by presenting them with a clockwork dragon of her own design. Delighted by the tiny winged creature, the children begged their parents to buy it for them. Baern tried to find comfort but refused the troupes hospitality. One of them, who goes by the name of Sisay, took five gold from the the pouch of the sleeping Dwarf. Benjamin began to perform a solo, without musical accompaniment. Baern, having suspected that his pockets had been picked, confronted the young woman, who tripped and spilt coins along the floor. As he attempted to help her gather them, the caravan exploded in a blaze of fire, throwing Sisay away unconscious. The rest of the audience ran off in fear and the adventurers stood at the ready.

Suddenly, from out of the brush, appeared four goblins, armed with scimitars and bows. Auralia quickly climbed up the nearest tree, to remain unseen as she drew her Longbow. Baern had his war axe at the ready. Haraedel attempted to put out the caravan fire by casting a well placed frost bolt, but it only managed to douse about 70% of the blaze. Isla, curious as to the source of the fire, gleaned that it had magical origins. Kronos avoided a goblin attack. Baern cleaved two of them completely in half, and Auralia shot an arrow that struck one goblin, and ricocheted off into the one nearby. Jottun, shaking off his slumber, felt that the weight of his coin pouch was lighter than he remembered, so he quickly searched the goblin corpses thinking that they had robbed him. More goblins came out of the bushes on the opposite side of the caravan, so Jottun attempted to push the it onto them. Baern, following Jottun’s lead, finished the job and successfully pushed the burning caravan wagon onto one of the Goblins, pinning it and slightly harming the one beside it. Haraedel used her magic missiles in an attempt to dispatch the two other goblins who were drawing their bows, and suddenly Auralia, unbeknownst to anyone, ran silently through the treetops and jumped down with her scimitar upon one of the goblins, taking its head. In the end, Kronos took the last surviving goblin and tied it up with 10 feet of string, a humiliating situation for a humiliated creature. It admitted that it was drawn to this area because of the “noise” of the troupe, but they hadn’t started the fire. Benjamin ran over to the unconscious Sisay, who was thrown aside during the explosion. Jottun, having heard that she was the one who robbed him, demanded his coin back. Benjamin offered all of his own gold tenfold, but Jottun would not budge unless his own money was returned to him. Only after Benjamin searched Sisay’s lifeless body for the coinage, did Jottun agree to use his abilities to restore her. Once Sisay was stable, Benjamin suddenly remembered to check the burnt caravan for something he held very dear.

Searching through the charred remains of the caravan, Benjamin nearly gave up hope, when suddenly Baern swiftly reached into an ashen pile and pulled out a leather bound book. Benjamin, tears in his eyes thanked him for finding it, but Mahogany held onto the book, having little trust towards the old man. Kronos snuck in and stole the book from Baern’s grasp, and irritated, Auralia demanded he hand the book over. The two magic users looked through the book, but could not decipher Ben’s notes. He agreed to tell them all about the books secrets, but only if they all joined him and his troupe to find a safe place to discuss it. Benjamin was filled with paranoia that the Optica Spire was watching him, and he didn’t want to say the wrong things out in the open.

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